知识点2. B序列单词 (18个)

【知识梳理1】base vt. 以……为基础

【短语】be based on/upon 以……为基础

【变形】basic adj. 基础的

【例句】Hepburn’s was the perfect girl for the lead role in Gigi, a play based upon her novel.

He is too poor to afford the basic education.


例1. The play ____________ (base) on a famous novel.

例2. The movie ____________ (base) on a famous novel is very popular now.



about: be crazy about be worried about be excited about be curious about

of: be tired of be proud of be tired of be afraid of be full of be guilty of be aware of

with: be satisfied with be bored with be pleased with be happy with be filled with

at: be surprised at be amazed at be good at

for: be late for

in: be interested in


be used to doing 习惯于做某事 be of one’s age 与……同龄的 be of n.=be adj.

【考点】not be的形式:

1. 祈使句,填don’t be: Lucy, don’t be noisy in class!

2. 谓语动词,调整成be not,然后根据时态和人称判断用哪个be动词,在后面加not:They aren’t free at weekends.

3. 固定搭配,根据固定搭配把be动词调整成适当的形式,然后在前面直接加not,如:

let him not be busy want him not to be lazy


例1. Not only Jim but also Mary __________ (be) crazy about doing DIY jobs last term

例2. Millie ________ (not be) late for school today.

例3. 听说你对我们的服务不满意,我感到很抱歉。

I'm sorry to hear that you ______________________________________________________________.

例4. 我们都高度赞扬埃隆马斯克 (Econ Musk),并为他的成功感到骄傲。

We __________________________ Elon Musk, and ____________________________________.

例5. 虽然他来这儿两年了,但是还是不习惯这儿的生活。

Although he____________________________________________________________________.

【知识梳理3】because of 由于

【辨析】because和because of的区别

because of +名词短语 because +从句

【例句】The sports meeting is put off because it is raining these days.

The sports meeting is put off because of the rain these days.


例1. — Why is the girl called Kitty so sad? — ______________, I think.

A. Because she passed the test B. Because of she failed the test

C. Because of her bad points in the test D. Because her failed the test

例2. 由于寒冷的天气,医生建议再用一块毛巾盖在烧伤处。

The doctor __________________________ because of _____________________.

例3. 由于失去居住地,狼跑了几小时不停止。

Because of ____________, ____________ ran _____________________________.


1. vi. 跳动

2. vt. 打败 beat sb.


【辨析】win win+比赛 赢得比赛 beat+人 打败人

【例句】I felt nervous and my heart was beating fast.

I hope to beat Class Two and win the game.



When ________________________________________________________.


1. adv. 以前,过去(放在句末,现在完成时的标志词)

【例句】He has never been there before.

2. conj. 在……之前(引导时间状语从句:主将从现或主过从过)

【例句】I will finish homework before I watch TV.

I finished homework before I watched TV.

还要……才:It will be XX years before +从句 表达某件事情要达成还需要多长时间

【例句】It will be 5 years before the subway is in use in Changzhou.


【例句】The bus left before I could get on it.

3. prep. 在……之前 before doing

【例句】You must finish homework before watching TV.


例1. —Is my answer correct?

—Let me think it over __________ I can give you a reply.

A. before B. after C. when D. as soon as

6. The child asked me another question __________ I could answer the first one.

A. after B. before C. when D. until

例2. Sorry, you can’t go home before your work _____________ (finish) successfully.

例3. —Why not go on a trip to the Window of the World in Shenzhen with us tomorrow.

—Oh, I ______________(visit) there three times before.

例4. 政府最好在情况更糟之前设法防止污染。

The government ______________________________ before ____________________________.

【知识梳理6】beginning n. 开始,起初

【短语】in the beginning=at first 一开始 at the beginning of 在……的开始

【拓展】in the end=finally=at last 最终 at the end of 在……的结尾

【例句】At the beginning of the term. We had a new English teacher. I didn’t like her in the beginning, but I found her a good teacher in the end.


例1. Just as the saying goes, a good ____________ (开始) is half done.

例2. At the ________ (begin) of the meeting, our headmaster talked about the progress that we made.

【知识梳理7】below prep. 在……的下面,表示楼层下方

【辨析】under 正下方

【例句】I live above you. 我住在你家楼下。

【考点】表示温度上的低于 blow zero 表示年龄上低于用under



You need to put on more clothes because the temperature will drop to five degrees _________ (在……以下) zero.


1. adj. 最好的 the best place/time to do all the best

2. adv. 最 like….best 最喜欢 be best known 最为人所知……

【例句】Hepburn is best known for her role in the film Roman Holiday.


He is _______ known for his kind heart.

A. best B. most C. better D. more

【知识梳理9】beyond prep. 超出……范围

【短语】beyond my control beyond my ability beyond the visiting hour go far beyond 远远超过

【辨析】over, beyond, above

over表示数量,年龄上的超过 above是温度上的超过

over-under above-below beyond-within

【例句】Hepburn’s achievements went beyond the film industry.


例1. The bicycle is _________ (超过) repair. It is too badly destroyed to repair.

例2. Don't put dangerous things such as medicine, knives and lighters ____________ the reach of children.

A. out of B. within C. beyond D. over

【知识梳理10】bored adj. 感到无聊的

【短语】be bored with 对……厌烦了

【变形】boring adj. 乏味的,令人无聊的 bore vt. 使……无聊

【考点】a bored face/look/feeling/voice

【例句】The film bored me. I was bored with the boring film.


例1. The speech seemed endless and there appeared many ______ (厌烦) looks on the audience’s faces.

例2. The trip from the school to the World Park _____ about half an hour by coach. It was too ______.

A. spends, bored B. takes, bored C. spent, boring D. took, boring

例3. 关于周末计划的两小时的会议好无聊啊!

How ________________________________________________________________________is!

【知识梳理11】born adj. 天生的

【短语】a born artist 一个天生的艺术家 be born with 先天性带有 be born 出生 (一般用过去时)


Wu Wei is a born artist.

He was born with blindness.



The ____________________________________________________________________________.

【知识梳理12】borrow vt. 借来

【短语】borrow sth. from sb.

【辨析】lend, borrow

lend vt. 借给 lend sth. to sb.= lend sb. Sth.


I often borrow money from him. He is kind enough to lend money to me every time.


例1. — Amy, may I ___________ the dictionary ___________ you?

— Sure, but don't ___________ it _______________ anyone else.

A. lend; to; lend; to B. borrow; from; borrow; from C. borrow; from; lend; to D. lend; to; borrow; from

例2. 晚饭后图书馆借书怎么样?

What about ______________________________________________________________?

【知识梳理13】both conj.&pron. 两个(都)


both + 复数:There are many trees on both sides of the road.

both+of: Both of the twins like flying kites.

both A and B: Both Tom and Jerry like flying kites.

【辨析】all 三者及以上都 neither 两者都不 either 两者中任取一个 none 三者及以上都不


例1. — We now find each of them boring and not worth reading.

— Sorry, I had to buy ________ of them because I didn’t know which book was the best at that time.

A. all B. none C. neither D. both

例2. — How do you like the movie series X-men?

— Fantastic! _________ the first __________ the second movie of the series is wonderful.

A. Either; or B. Not only; but also C. Neither; nor D. Both; and

【知识梳理14】break vt. 打破

【短语】break into 闯入(有被动) break down 坏了,抛锚(没有被动) break out 爆发(没有被动)

【变形】broken adj. 坏了的


He was charged with breaking into several computer systems over the last year.

My dad’s car broke down because of the cold weather.

World War II broke out in European in 1939.



_____________________________, they ____________________________.

【知识梳理15】breath n. 呼吸

【短语】out of breath 上气不接下气 take a deep breath 深呼吸

【变形】breathe vi. 呼吸 breathe heavily 沉重地呼吸

【例句】I ran so fast that I was out of breath.

He was breathing heavily and had blood on his shirt.


You will __________(breath) heavily after jogging for such a long time.

【知识梳理16】British adj. 英国的 n. 英国人

【变形】Britain n. 英国


The picture reminded me of the life in a British school.

Britain is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland.


Do you know the differences between _________ (英式) English and American English?


1. prep. 除了

【句型】have no choice but to do 别无选择只能做……

not….but…. 不是……而是


I have no choice but to do a lot of homework.

He is not a teacher but a doctor.

【考点】but/except/as well as/together with/with放在主语后,谓语动词要用就远原则

【例句】Nobody but the twins is going to Nanjing tomorrow.

2. conj. 但是



例1. My wallet was gone, so I had no choice but __________ (ask) the policeman for help.

例2. 他说他别无选择只能对我们更严格。

He said he ________________________________________________________________.


1. prep.

(1) 用(强调方式,后只能加名词单数) by car by e-mail

(2) 在……旁边 by the river

(3) 被,由 be made by an article by Lu Xun 鲁迅写的文章

(4) 到……为止 by +将来时间点 (一般将来时) by+过去时间点 (过去完成时)

2. adv. 经过 pass by 经过

【短语】by the way 顺便问一下 by oneself 独自 by accident 碰巧


例1. —I don’t think the documentary A Bite of China Ⅲis as attractive as before.

—Well, ________ it is. It focuses more on people rather than food itself.

A. in some way B. on the way C. in some ways D. by the way

例2. — How long have you been here?

— ______ the end of last month.

A. in B. By C. At D. Since