Pros And Cons Of Offshore Software Development

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Of course, there is always the possibility of project failure and ineffective collaboration. However, in-depth research on potential offshore partners may eliminate it. The cultural gap is one more commonly faced problem on offshore software projects. What seems fun and very understandable for your team might be perceived differently on the opposite side of a Zoom or Skype call. Even with the best video conferencing, file sharing, and collaboration software, sometimes things get lost in the shuffle, causing delays and driving up costs.

Travel time and distance are much shorter, and you also won’t have to deal with the hassle of international travel , which often makes in-person meetings with offshore developers impossible. Meeting in person makes it easier to build a relationship with the company you’re working with and to communicate your wants and needs. We at Geomotiv have accumulated vast experience in creating distributed teams for diverse projects. And now, with so much hype around remote work format, we know exactly which solution to choose for particular business requirements, personal clients’ needs, and tech specifications. So, if you want to engage remote teams with rare or specialized skills and a long-term dedication to projects, don’t hesitate to contact our experts. Both models present a good opportunity to save on development rates, recruiting costs, and office maintenance when it comes to expenses.

And certain areas around the world specialize in different aspects of technology that may be needed for the development of your software. It can be easier to find qualified software engineers with specific areas of expertise in certain countries, making their services more affordable. Onshore development will likely cost more as a result of the quality of the software engineers working on your project. You’re essentially paying more for experience and expertise; however, the high bill rates tends to translate to a better quality software solution.

Leave Your Worries About Hiring & Retaining Costly Developers Behind

There are really well-organized teams that complete all milestones timely and readily update you on the project’s progress on meetings adjusted for your timezone. It entirely depends on the company you work with, and you should choose the partner attentively. Not only can you hire the best in the business, but you’ll also have access to all levels of expertise. You now have access to the best developers in the world, not just those within commuting distance.

Another pleasant bonus is gaining access to rare or niche expertise and expanding the development capacities at least for a limited time. Your dedicated team should have the relevant skills and expertise that fully correspond to the project’s requirements. Because of that, the hiring process may take a substantial portion of time.

This person is specially trained to recognize talent and suggest the best candidates to the employer. This approach allows you to deal with qualified people who know how to do their highly specialized work at the highest level. In theory, you can work with any expert in the market who knows their stuff and knows his way around building applications. This will help you achieve the best results at each step of the design and create software that will win the market competition in the long run. Updating legacy systems or developing new software applications, whether for internal use or customer use, tends to require a lot of resources. While larger organizations have in-house IT departments that can develop and update whatever software they need, most smaller businesses do not have such capabilities.

Pros and Cons of Offshore Software Development

The outstaffing way of working helps companies optimize spendings gaining the wishable product or service. So the possibility to minimize the costs for mobile applications is the greatest point for business today. There is a risk of misunderstanding on the offshore development project, caused by poor communication between stakeholders. Many countries, considered as the best for offshore software development, don’t speak English well. Although IT communities have a much higher English proficiency level than average citizens, there is always a possibility that communication barriers may arise on the project.

Offshore Software Development Center Vs Dedicated Team: Which Model To Choose

Hire remote Microsoft dynamics developers, because the CRM system from Microsoft is currently in the top 5 CRM systems in the world and the number of customers is gradually increasing from year to year. Check our related post on how long does it take to build custom software for business. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

  • The world is a lot bigger than the country your company is in, which means that the talent pool is theoretically a lot bigger as well.
  • In addition, you will have to navigate local regulations for making at least a step towards setting up a physical office.
  • If you need to ask a question or raise a concern about your project, getting in touch with the person responsible for communicating with you may be complicated.
  • Pay attention to signing an NDA or IP agreement with companies and watch their willingness to do so.
  • Instead of hiring and recruiting the best candidates by yourself, you delegate that task to the chosen software development vendor.

The same applies to the situation when there is a shortlist of technical requirements. Setting up an office in some countries can turn into a nightmare as not all of them are friendly foreign businesses. In addition, you will have to navigate local regulations for making at least a step towards setting up a physical office. It might be risky to onboard a full-service team of specialists when unfamiliar with the country’s labor market. Therefore, it is a good idea to research the right offshore destination and find insider expertise for proper channels of the talent search.

Respected firms usually focus on hiring qualified and experienced PMs who oversee the work process, manage the crew, and prevent such unwanted activities as micromanaging your project. Even though offshore companies are often able to hire a lot of developers and to keep them on standby, there’s a lot of turnover as well. Developers won’t wait around until they’re needed — they will take any job that comes along so that they can keep working. Software developers in foreign countries often jump from one company to the next, making it difficult for offshore companies to provide consistency when it comes to your project. Onshore development tends to require fewer iterations since communication will be so much easier.

Offshore Development Center Vs Dedicated Team: Cost Analysis

The latter takes care of the organizational part of setting up a development center. They deal with hiring employees, building the necessary infrastructure, solving legal issues for the client’s company. In the final stage, the vendor transfers the entire operations to the client. One of the most frequently discussed risks in the media is the security of software projects built with an offshore team. Many say that security questions arise often when you deal with offshore companies, as they may have no enough expertise in the latest cybersecurity innovations.

Although outsourcing software development to offshore companies might seem too risky for some product creators, most of them choose this approach anyway, as its advantages are significant. We will talk in detail about the risks of setting up your offshore development center a little later. It is worth mentioning, however, that current conditions significantly increase the chances of failure. Restrictions caused by coronavirus infection and the rise in popularity of remote-first policies make businesses search for less risky undertakings. One of them is the decision to obtain a dedicated team model service, which resembles the ODC’s offering but lets you avoid a certain amount of challenges.

Pros and Cons of Offshore Software Development

However, with excellent project management, it is possible to ensure timely delivery and effective communication regardless of this challenge. Companies with an established reputation always try to do their best to satisfy customers and tailor calls and other types of electronic communication to the time that suits the customer. Collaborating in person certainly goes a long way towards maintaining clear communication. However, speaking the same language and having the same cultural understanding will contribute significantly to the project’s success. Clear communication is critical to making sure your company is on the same page as your developer and will help ensure that the final project meets all of your requirements. “The website and branding have met praise from customers, leading to more work for Fireart Studio.

Security Risks

That is why you don’t need to send operational resources overseas to manage issues like office repairs, payroll taxes or learn a new language to get to grips with local regulations. This is perhaps the most appealing offshore software development benefits benefit of outsourcing software development overseas. You avoid wasting most of your valuable hours on micro-management, which is among the most labor-intensive activities throughout the whole engineering workflow.

And there’s not nearly as much oversight in foreign countries when it comes to software development. A lack of oversight means that some offshore companies may not bother to adhere fully to copyright and IP laws, which can be incredibly problematic once the software is delivered to you. Offshore companies tend to have larger workforces than onshore companies for several reasons. Some countries simply have more qualified software engineers, so software development companies can hire more people to work on your project. Also, workers in many of these countries work for far less money than what software engineers are used to being paid in the U.S. Cheaper labor means that these companies can afford to put together larger software development teams.

At the same time, you can use it to access the best talent that will be available just at the time when you need it. There are a few potential issues that can affect the quality of your software development should you go through an offshore service. You’re not in control of who the software developers are, which means you’re relying on the offshore company to hire individuals who are qualified. If they are hiring the cheapest software engineers available, it could affect the quality of their work.

You might have already heard that offshore software development is a risky game. Below, we provide a shortlist of risks that may appear when you start collaborating with an offshore service provider. Here we provide the essence of everything the CEO must know before making a decision on collaboration with offshore software development companies. There is no denying that the company’s headquarters can leverage an online-only presence in one of the countries. But having a physical office in one of the attractive locations can raise the chance of reaching out to more customers and improving the overall service. Another crucial advantage is the ability to solve logistics challenges when establishing an offshore development center.

Clear Communication

His expertise and knowledge of the latest technical innovations have brought Jelvix to the ranks of the most distinguished custom software development companies. Don’t just assume that because a developer is onshore that they are more trustworthy than an offshore company. You will need to do your research to identify an onshore service you can rely on.

Turnover Of Developers

This opens your company up to a whole new level of technical ability, and there’s no ceiling to the list of clients you can attract. Working with an offshore software company has both advantages and disadvantages. However, as you can understand from this article, the positive side is more significant and promising. When working with companies whose headquarters are located in non-English-speaking countries, you may encounter a language barrier. But companies that provide top-notch service are fluent in English and are constantly working to improve it.

In addition, when the contract expires, the client doesn’t have to handle any legal issues or manage obligations with a partner. As for the vendor, their HR team will search for another project for their development team. To get the recruitment process started, you need to create job descriptions for all vacancies and transfer them to the service provider. This data enables researchers to scan the labor market and identify the pool of relevant candidates. When recruiters find the best talent for your company, the next step is to interview them and pick the most appropriate candidates.

Business Case: Costs

There are onshore companies that will outsource some of their development to offshore companies. Some companies will do this to cut costs, but it can lower the quality of your software. If you hire an onshore company to develop your app, you expect them to develop it within your country. After all, if you wanted offshore development, you wouldn’t go through an onshore company to obtain it.

The world is a lot bigger than the country your company is in, which means that the talent pool is theoretically a lot bigger as well. Onshore development is when you outsource your mobile, web, or custom software development to a company or individual that’s in the same country as your business. For many years, this was the only real option for outsourcing software development. It was only until the world became more connected that offshore development became a realistic possibility. Even though offshore development has grown in popularity, onshore development is still commonly used even amongst smaller businesses. In-house software maintenance is often outside the scope of what most businesses can afford.

As the above offshoring pros and cons demonstrate, only you can know whether a distributed team will take your company’s workload, resources, and mission to the next level. If you’re a small-town business with big-city dreams, and ambitions that outrun the nearby developer pool, consider Jobsity’s staff augmentation solution. Our South America-based team provides a diversity of experience and a unique, multilingual perspective that can enrich your software and broaden your customer base. If you choose an offshore company located in a country where English isn’t the primary language, communication may become a real challenge. Trying to communicate your software development needs, wants, and questions can be tricky if you’re dealing with someone who doesn’t know the language.

After all, most companies can’t afford to keep software engineers on their payroll just to maintain an application. Outsourcing to an offshore company makes it much easier to maintain your applications over the long term. Maintenance is arguably easier because offshore companies have access to so many different software developers of varying skills who they can bring on to do basic maintenance on your app whenever needed. Companies daring to start with offshore software development access a wide variety of benefits coming with this choice.

4 Benefits of Using Staff Augmentation to Expand Your IT Team Any successful business needs to have the proper tools and talent at its disposal. The right amount of talent can be a key factor in finding that Goldilocks level of staffing to accomplish your goals…. The work product from an offshore firm may be top-notch, but if you can’t maintain it after the team has signed off, you’ll remain dependent on the firm to make updates and fix bugs. In-house employees have many perks but can be a logistically daunting proposition for your HR staff. A team that represents multiple cultures and languages will have a greater base of experience and a wider variety of opinions on how to improve a product or solve a problem. The outsourcing market has become relatively mature, and various forms of collaborati…


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